Whimsical Wishes And Wants


Easy as 1-2-3

Create the design you want, the way you want it:

We can personalize almost anything!

1) Choose A Design

Mmmm, what can we say about that? Cruise through our designs and click on its image when you find one you like. This will take you to our Product Selection page where you tell us what kind of product you want. Apron, Mouse Pad, Coffee Cup?

2) Select the type of product you want

That's easy enough. No explanation needed. Just click the product type. (Well, we could tell you that we have dozens of products available...) For specialty groups like "Scripture Quotes" the product is pre-selected. So, you don't even have to do this step.

3) Fill out a Design form request

No orders are actually placed until payment is received.

Fill out the Design Request Form and then click the Order Notification button. This form gives us a "heads-up" and allows us to put the design into our Production line so we will be ready to complete it when you actually place the order.

That's it! Print the Design Request if you like, for your own records. 

We will send you a PayPal Invoice for your request. If you have a PayPal account, you can make payment with it - or -choose to make payment with a credit card (whether you have a PayPal account or not).
After payment is received, we will produce your order, take it to Box n Mail FedEx, and notify you that your order is ready for pick up. Please allow 2-3 business days to complete your order.

Personal Request

This link allows you to fill out a request for a completely Personal Product. Use your own picture and customized text.

Videos: Take a look at how great your choice will be for your home.